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Captain Tom asks people to stay at home for his birthday

Captain Tom has said that he has been completely overwhelmed by the love he has received. Like many other people during this pandemic, he is not able to spend his birthday with all of his loved ones.

Instead Tom is staying at home with his daughter Hannah and her family, who he has been self-isolating with. They will all celebrate privately and will be joined by his daughter Lucy and her family though the use of technology.

Captain Tom will not be leaving his house at all. He has asked all local people, and those following his story, to stay at home and wish him Happy Birthday from afar. He said:

“It is quite extraordinary that I am turning 100. It is even more extraordinary that I am doing so with this many well-wishers and I am in awe at the response my walking has had.

“To everyone who has donated, sent birthday cards and messages, sincerely thank you.

“Please stay home, stay safe. Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day.”

Gifts and cards for Captain Tom

Tom and his family have been inundated with generous offers of gifts.

“I am very comfortable and have everything I need. COVID-19 has left so many without, so please donate to those in need. Thank you.”

Virtual birthday cards can be shared on social media using #CardForTom.