Marston Moretaine was visited as part of a police operation to reduce vehicle crime

Bedfordshire Police found 350 insecure vehicles in one week

Marston Moretaine was one of Bedfordshire’s motor theft hotspots visited as part of a police operation to clamp down on motor crime.

During Operation Mya (10-16 July), police found 350 insecure vehicles across seven areas.

Mya focused on the areas with the highest prevalence of Theft from Motor Vehicle (TFMV) over the last 12 months.

The seven areas were:


Left vulnerable to crime

Officers and PCSOs patrolled the areas and identified vehicles that were vulnerable to crime. This meant the vehicle unlocked or property was on show in the vehicle.

Sergeant Ben Dimmock from the force’s Crime Reduction Team said:

“This many vehicles being left insecure is obviously a concern, and something we will be addressing moving forward.

“The Crime Reduction Team are now in the process of writing to the registered owner of each vehicle to offer advice about how to keep their vehicle and belongings safer.

“I hope we will be able to hold some crime prevention surgeries in each area in the future.”


Marston Moretaine residents urged to take steps to ensure their vehicles are secure

Marston Moretaine residents should follow the advice below to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of crime:

  • Don’t leave things on show in your car, whether it’s an expensive laptop or just some loose change.
  • Even items of clothing can attract thieves, as they may think that there will be money in the pockets
  • Don’t leave valuables in the glove-box of your car. To prove to would-be thieves that it’s empty, you can empty your glove-box and leave it open when you leave your vehicle
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit spot that is visible to other members of the public, or covered by CCTV
  • At home, don’t keep your car keys next to your front door or in an obvious place
  • Keep motorcycles in a locked garage or shed, or failing that, chained securely to an immovable object


Crime prevention advice

Bedfordshire Police offers a team of trained Crime Reduction Officers, who provide advice on home security and crime prevention.