More resources are needed to tackle burglaries, says Bedfordshire top cop

More funding needed by Bedfordshire Police

In a statement released last week, Bedfordshire Police assistant chief constable, Jackie Sebire, said that more resources are needed tackle burglary in the county.

When asked how much extra resources are needed, a police spokesperson said:

It wouldn’t really be possible to answer around the specifics of number of resources needed and how to increase the detection rate by a particular percentage.

If the force does not have enough resources, would it be holding events such as sporting events or station BBQs to raise funds? The spokesperson said:

Fundraising events is not something that the force is looking at currently.

Private security patrols were the answer for Essex village

Tiptree, in Essex, had seen a rise in local anti-social behaviour (ASB). Villagers felt that this was due to a lack of a police presence.

There were some periods when there were no police in the area for days, said parish council vice chairman, Roger Mannion.

After considering other local council proposals, the parish council hired a private security company. It was to patrol the village on selected periods each week.

This was funded by a £1 rise in council tax.

Roger said:

Initially [there were] some objections [to the increase] but this was dampened significantly when ASB occurrences were seen to be reducing.

There was a noticeable drop in reported ASB and an improvement within the local community.

The company had a previous good working relationship with Essex Police. Roger said that there was little difficulty in integrating the Community Marshals.

The council kept the local area police commander in the loop at all time, he said.

Bedfordshire did not respond when asked if it would welcome private village patrols.

Would Marston Moretaine villagers pay extra for more police patrols?

A poll posted on the Marston Moretaine Villagers Facebook group, asked if villagers would be willing to pay more council tax for increased police patrols.

Of the 171 that responded, 65% said that they would not want to pay more council tax for more police patrols.

Most of those who were willing to pay extra voted for the £50 year option.

Group member, Verity Amber Armstrong, said:

If you think about the cost or the items we own what is £50 really? One night out? A few takeaways? I’d happily sacrifice that to have peace of mind that when I’m out or asleep my home will be safer.

There was concern from some villagers that any extra money from the village would used for other purposes. However, another group member, Colin Carr, said:

Having gone through the same problem while on Barton parish council and meeting the Beds chief constable I can ensure you if you pay for a dedicated constable for Marston that is what you will get, the cash will not be lost in other council tax etc.

Marston Moreteyene Parish Council was approached for a comment.

Voice your concerns over law and order

Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Bedfordshire, Kathryn Holloway, is holding a series of roadshows across the county. These are chance for residents to share their concerns over law and order.

She will be in Bedford on 8th October, venue tbc. For more details visit the PCC website.