Marston Moretaine Store Manager Luke Ficken and his family Image Central England Coop


Many balanced key work for their communities with home life disruption

Central England Co-op is marking Father’s Day this Sunday by celebrating some of the fathers who have been working on the frontline in its food stores and funeral homes during these uncertain times.

Over the past three months colleagues at food stores, petrol stations and Funeral Homes have been providing vital food and essentials, supporting families during such difficult circumstances.

Many at the same time have had to balance their key work for their communities with the challenges of disruption to home life with the closure of schools and nurseries, dealing with life in lockdown with small children and often unable to call on family for support.

Central England Co-op is shining a light on some of its ‘frontline fathers’ and finding out how they and their families have managed during these challenging times.

Among them is Luke Ficken, store Manager at the Food Store in Marston Moretaine. He has balanced leading his team during these challenging times with taking care of his three step-children at home – Ruby aged 13, Corey aged 10 and Roman aged five.

The 30-year-old said the children had coped well through the lockdown. He added that this has made it easier for him as he works around the clock alongside his colleagues to serve the local community:

“The children have missed seeing their friends and grandparents but have been working hard on their school work at home with the help of their mum Emma, who has been amazing throughout everything for them and supporting me in my work.

“Work has been very demanding, long hours, supporting my team and customers. It has been hard work but a privilege to be in the position where I can support so many other families with their essential shopping.”

Luke, from Stamford, Lincolnshire, said the challenges he has faced in his frontline role have made him appreciate family time more than ever and his step-children are proud of the work all key workers are doing.

“Family time is always important to me, but it has made me appreciate the things you take for granted such as a trip to the park, arcades at the seaside and a Co-op barbecue at their grandparents.

“The children are very proud of me for making sure other families are fed, but also their dad and step-mum who are also key workers, as well as their mum Emma for being their new teacher at home.”

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