In every army there is a leader
And in every battle a general.
He or she will lead, while others follow,
Bravery leading bravery, until the field is won.

And we had Captain Sir Tom.

He led the field, giving everything he had,
To support the troops who were in the thick of battle,
Fighting this deadly enemy, the one with no face.
His troops rallied round to raise astonishing funds,
And his army of disabled lieutenants, old and young –
Many of them children who could barely walk –
Followed in his halting steps
To keep the momentum going.

In a sad twist of fate
With the fight showing signs of turning,
The unseen enemy sought him out
And he fell, brave to the very end.

But history will carve his name in the stars,
So that, whenever this war is remembered,
His shining valour will be spoken of,
His outstanding leadership recalled,
And his face and smile will live on
In all our hearts.


C. Loughrey, Axbridge, Somerset.