Statement on COVID-19 Prevention on Rookery South Site  Image: Covanta

Construction at the Rookery South Site has continued since the COVID-19 lockdown

To help stop the spread of coronavirus by reducing social contact, the Prime Minister gave an instruction that the British people must stay at home except for very limited purposes.

The limited purposes include travelling to and from work where work cannot be done from home. The government says that this is consistent with advice from the Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Construction sites have not been asked to close so work can continue, if it is done safely. Employers should ensure that their workers on-site are able to follow the public health guidance.

They should also consider responsible arrangements for ensuring their workers can travel in line with the government’s advice.

Such as staggering site hours to reduce public transport use during peak periods. These arrangements will be under constant review.

When considering their position employers can also refer to the latest Public Health England guidance to employers on reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Construction at the Rookery South Site has continued since the COVID-19 lockdown. The principal contractor for the site, Hitachi Zosen Inova, has released a statement:

“Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) is the Principal Contractor for the Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility. HZI as well as all sub-contractors are adhering to the UK Government and Public Health England’s guidance regarding construction work. We operate to ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients, partners and local community at all times. This includes daily monitoring, implementation of Safe Site Operating Procedures as well as location specific COVID-19 protection plans.

These measures include temperature checks for every person entering the site, reduced densities for personnel working at the same time, strict compliance to social distancing requirements, rigorous hygiene measures and increased COVID-19 safety communications across the entire site.

The health and safety requirements of any construction activity are strictly controlled at all times to minimise the risks for everybody working in this vitally important infrastructure project. If an activity cannot be undertaken safely and in line with Public Health England guidance, it simply will not take place.”

Guidance on operating a construction site can be found here. For further information the government has also produced FAQs on business closures and stay at home.