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Pensions cold-calling banned

Pensions cold-calling ban comes into effect.

Pensions fraud can be devastating, leaving victims without the means to fund their retirement. One of the most common methods used by scammers to commit pensions fraud is through cold calls, which is why the government has taken action. Research by the Money Advice Service suggests that there could be as many as 8 scam calls every second – the equivalent of 250 million calls per year.

Loyal energy customers to pay fair price from today

Government delivers on manifesto commitment to protect millions from unjustified price rises as energy price cap comes into force 1 January 2019

The new cap will mean 11 million loyal energy customers on “default” tariffs pay a fair price for their energy
part of the government’s commitment to tackle fuel poverty and protect consumers

Following a consultation, Ofgem set the price cap level at £1,137 per year for a typical dual fuel customer paying by direct debit

Turkey dinner and tax returns

Completing your tax return may not be top of your priorities on Christmas Day, but that didn’t stop 2,616 taxpayers from filing their Self Assessment returns on 25 December.

Government welcomes landmark law which will improve the safety of tenants

A new law that will help to boost standards in rented homes and give tenants more powers to hold their landlord to account has been welcomed by Housing and Homelessness Minister, Heather Wheeler MP.

Under the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act, landlords of both social and privately rented properties must make sure that their properties meet certain standards at the beginning and throughout a tenancy. If they fail to do this, tenants have the right to take legal action – making this a landmark moment for the rented sector.

12 rules to help you shop safely for children this Christmas

12 rules to help you shop safely for children this Christmas

The Office for Product Safety and Standards has launched ‘The 12 Rules of Christmas’, to help consumers shop safely for children’s presents this Christmas.

National campaign target loan sharks

Unscrupulous loan sharks are being targeted by a national campaign aimed at clamping down on illegal money lenders.

The England Illegal Money Lending Team’s (IMLT) social media campaign gives users advice on how to avoid falling victim to loan sharks, as well as reporting illegal money lending in their community.

The campaign began on 5th December and will run until Wednesday, 12th December. The content will consist of tweets, advice articles and media links being shared from the Stop Loan Sharks Facebook and Twitter accounts

No room at the inn? Growth in hotel and villa complaints

UK European Consumer Centre research found that complaints and questions about places to stay such as hotels and villas went up by almost 16% from January 2018 to the end of November compared to the same period last year.

The number of visits abroad by UK residents has increased from 55.6 million in 2010 to a peak of 72.7 million visits in 2017, it’s clear that UK travellers need more accommodation.

Citizens Advice: buyers need to beware when buying from online marketplaces

More than 13,000 online marketplace purchases were reported to the Citizens Advice last year

Recent polling shows a staggering three quarters of UK adults now use online marketplaces. These are websites where traders and private individuals list and sell products.

As customers turn to online marketplaces to bag a bargain in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, Citizens Advice is warning people to be aware of the dangers.

Charities: ‘time for action on bailiff regulation’

Charities are calling for action on bailiff regulation

Rule-breaking bailiffs are causing people increased stress, anxiety and financial hardship, according to new research by Citizens Advice and StepChange.

Government and CMA to research targeting of consumers through personalised pricing

Government and CMA to research targeting of consumers through personalised pricing

New research commissioned to explore how widespread the practice of targeting consumers through personalised pricing and search results is.

Companies can use customer data and technology to offer different prices to consumers based on factors which may include geography and marital status.

Research comes as government held the first meeting of the Consumer Forum with government and regulators this week to discuss what more the government and regulators can do to protect vulnerable consumers

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