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Tesco Max All-In-One Chesty Cough & Cold Lemon Sachets are being recalled

Anyone with a product from one of these batches should stop using the medicine and return it to Tesco for a refund.

Bedford Borough Council’s financial support directory

Bedford Borough Council is encouraging local residents to check what support they are eligible for.

Time is running out for tax credits and Child Benefit customers with Post Office card accounts

HMRC urges tax credits and Child Benefits customers with a Post Office card account to update HMRC with their new bank account details by 30 November 2021.

Mayor Dave Hodgson calls on residents to check if they are eligible for the Warm Homes Discount

With fuel prices soaring at the moment, many people may need help with heating bills this winter and Mayor of Bedford Borough Dave Hodgson is reminding residents of the Warm Home Discount.

Rising gas prices – protections for consumers

How you as a consumer are protected, what to do if your energy supplier changes, and what other support is available

1.8 million couples benefitting from extra tax relief

Married couples and those in civil partnerships could reduce their Income Tax by up to £252 a year by sharing their Personal Allowances.

Increase of in-depth cases for UK International Consumer Centre

The UK International Consumer Centre (UKICC) saw a busy first six months of 2021. Demand for its services was increased by UK consumers experiencing Brexit-related problems, such as customs and unexpected delivery charges with non-UK traders, as well as COVID-19 issues.

Unite vows to protect homeworkers from attacks on their pay and conditions

Unite has vowed to support its members who face attacks on their pay and conditions because they work from home.

The union has produced a framework homeworking agreement to assist Unite workplace representatives in their negotiations with employers.

One week left to renew for 300,000 tax credits customers

More than 300,000 tax credits customers have just over one week to renew their claims before the 31 July 2021 deadline, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has warned.

Citizens Advice “need to knows if you’re asked to return to your normal workplace”

As guidance to work from home set to end on 19 July 2021, Citizens Advice sets out what it says are the need to knows if you’re asked to return to your normal workplace.

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