Council tax telephone scam warning

Telephone scam calls

Central Bedfordshire Council is advising residents to act with caution if they receive a telephone call or visit from someone claiming that they are entitled to a Council Tax refund.

The callers may claim your property is in the wrong Council Tax Band and that you are paying too much. They might say that your Council Tax Band has been downgraded and you are entitled to a refund. They may even claim to be from the Council or another organisation.

Callers may say that you must by law, be represented by an agent to help challenge your Band and that any changes cannot be made unless you do have an agent, when in fact anyone can actually do it.

Scammers will claim that there are fees involved and ask for an advance payment – when it is actually free to do! Or they may ask for your bank account details so that they can process the refund. In reality you may find money leaving your account instead.

Hang up

If a property has had a Council Tax Band reduction, the Council automatically issues a refund without charge. If you think your Council Tax Band maybe incorrect, you can challenge it yourself – for free – by visiting

Those who receive such a call are advised to hang up and not to provide any payment or bank account details.

If you experience or suspect a scam, please report it Trading Standards by calling 03454 040506.

Help prevent others from falling victim to this type of scam by letting your family members, friends and neighbours know about this alert.