Fake HMRC calls targeting the elderly and vulnerable Credit: BrianAJackson

Fake HMRC calls

The Trading Standards team are warning residents to be on their guard. This follows an increase in the number of reports involving elderly residents being contacted by callers claiming to be from the HMRC.

The callers appear to be specifically targeting elderly and vulnerable residents. They claim that the HMRC is taking court action against them due to a large amount of unpaid tax.

The callers will then request immediate payment to prevent further action. Usually by using digital vouchers or gift cards, such as iTunes vouchers.

Victims are told to buy a large financial amount of the vouchers from local shops. They then have to provide the caller with the ‘scratch off’ redemption codes.

There are some reports of the callers also encouraging some residents to provide or confirm their personal and financial information. This is to qualify for a ‘bogus’ tax reduction or refund.

If you have ever received such a call and paid money to the caller, please report the incident to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

Please help prevent others from falling victim to this type of scam by letting your elderly family members, friends and neighbours know about this alert.

If you ever experience or suspect a scam, please report it by calling 03454 040506.