Women should complain more Credit:UK ECC

Female UK consumers are being urged to complain more, as International Women’s Day approaches (8 March 2018).

Women are less likely to come forward and make a complaint says the UK European Consumer Centre (UK ECC). European Commission figures show that more men use the UK ECC to help resolve their complaints than women do.

72% of complainants are men, with just 28% of women.

Maybe its because men need more help

Andy Allen, UK European Consumer Centre (UK ECC) service director, said:

“We want to use the approach of International Women’s Day to reach out to female consumers in the UK.

“Our message to women everywhere in the UK is that International Women’s Day is YOUR day and you must use it to truly make a positive difference for women. This includes making sure that you know your consumer rights and know how to complain.

“It is generally understood that women don’t use legal advice services the same as men do – certainly our figures bear that out.

“Maybe men aren’t so good at resolving their problems without advice: who knows if that’s true or not?”

UK ECC can provide advice in the following main areas:

  • buying goods and services
  • online shopping
  • internet auctions
  • holidays
  • timeshare and holiday clubs
  • air travel


The service gets involved when consumers have a problem with something they’ve bought from a trader based in a European country outside the UK.

The UK ECC will be promoting a ‘how to write a good complaint letter’ on its website on International Women’s Day. Allen said:

“Everybody needs a little help sometimes and we want to use International Women’s Day as an opportunity to tell women that help is out there: they’ve just got to ask to use it.”

If you are a UK consumer and find yourself in dispute with an EU trader, then please contact the UK European Consumer Centre for advice on 01268 88660 – weekdays between 9am and 5pm.