Ric Cipriani to host fundraising concert on Facebook Image supplied by Heart Research UK

COVID-19 meant fundraising gigs in the UK and the United States had to be postponed 

A long term supporter of national charity Heart Research UK is hosting a live online concert to raise funds for the charity.

Ric Cipriani, from Cheltenham, will be grabbing his guitar and singing his heart out from 19:00 – 20:00 on Wednesday the 8th April, live on Facebook.

Ric first became involved with Heart Research UK six years ago, after his grandfather sadly passed away due to heart disease.

Since then, he has raised over £15,000 for the charity, running marathons, dressing us as Santa, and playing charity gigs. Ric will also be taking part in this year’s London marathon alongside his son, Daniele.

He had initially planned to do some fundraising gigs in the UK and the United States. But these were postponed due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

So, he is taking his skills to the web and asking participants to make a donation to Heart Research UK instead. He said:

“I love singing, and this is a great way for me to try and raise some much-needed funds for a charity that is very close to me, and also try to make some people smile in these difficult times.

“I have friends all over the world who will be tuning in, especially my family over in Italy who I hope will all be singing along with me.

“After my grandfather passed away, I knew I wanted to help his memory live on. I’ve also recently lost a dear friend to a heart attack, so it’s really important to me to be able to raise funds for such a vital cause.

“Because I’ve been involved with Heart Research UK for such a long time now it’s always fun to try and think of new ways to support them.”

Music fans can expect an eclectic mix of tunes, ranging from Eric Clapton and U2 to Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac and Oasis.

All the money raised will support Heart Research UK’s medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease, the nation’s single biggest killer.

You can sign up to watch the event here.

Ric Cipriani Image supplied by Heart Research UK