Trading Standards is warning of suspicious telephone calls Credit: Photo-by-Quino-Al-on-Unsplash

Suspicious medical services calls

Central Bedfordshire Council’s Trading Standards team is urging residents to be on their guard of a new type of suspicious telephone call.

Reports received suggest callers appear to know the name of the resident they are calling. The caller then asks questions about any medication the resident might be taking.

In one call, the caller claimed they had got their information from the NHS.

If you are concerned – Hang Up!

The callers appear to be using mobile phone numbers, but it is thought the calls may originate from overseas.

It is not known what the purpose or intention of these calls is. Trading Standards advice is if you receive such a call, always act with caution.

You should never provide or confirm any personal details, even if it appears that the caller already has them.

You should not provide any form payment over the telephone and never be afraid to hang up!

If you happen to be interested in the types of service or products that are being offered, do shop around. Check to see if the cost being quoted is what you’d expect to pay elsewhere.

Do not be rushed into a decision to make any sort of purchase. For instance, if the caller may try to take payment by claiming that the offer is only available for a short period.

Trading Standards is asking you to help prevent others from falling victim to this type of scam by letting your family, friends and neighbours know about this alert.