Beware of some third party websites when buying a fishing licence Image: UK Gov

Beware of third party websites offering to buy fishing licences on behalf of anglers

The Environment Agency has received reports from anglers who have used third party websites for fishing licences. These websites have charged up to double the price for a licence.

There have also been instances of anglers being charged a fee but not receiving a licence as quickly as they would expect.

These websites are not endorsed by the Environment Agency. Anyone wanting to buy a licence should go direct to the GOV.UK website.

Kevin Austin, Deputy Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Natural Environment, Environment Agency, said:

“For complete peace of mind, make sure you visit GOV.UK to buy your fishing licence.

“Money from fishing licences is used when we respond to fish kills, improving habitats for fish and facilities for anglers; plus fish restocking, invasive species eradication and working with partners to encourage people to take up fishing for the first time.”

On the GOV.UK website you can buy a 12 month fishing licence from £30. Junior licences are free for 13-16 year olds at GOV.UK.

You can also call 0344 800 5386 or visit your local Post Office branch.

Customers using GOV.UK receive a reference number allowing them to go fishing immediately. Third party customers may not get this number immediately. In these cases they will be considered to be fishing illegally if they go without a valid reference number or licence.

All fisheries licence income funds work to protect and improve fish stocks and fisheries.