Attila Csordas Independent MEP Candidate Image: supplied by Attila Csordas

Standing to advancing healthy longevity for all

Of the 54 candidates standing for election in the East of England region, only one is an independent. Attila Csordas sent an email response to the question “why should voters in Cranfield and Marston Vale vote for you?“. Unlike other parties he is not concentrating on Brexit, remain and other political issues. He said:

“I am standing as the only independent candidate in the East of England Region and I’m standing for advancing healthy longevity for all.”

In the background to his decision to run, Attila explained that most people understand that biological ageing is responsible for the majority of chronic diseases and deaths these days. He claimed that life expectancy has dropped in the UK, and the bulk of the decline had been for older adults, aged 65+.

“The majority of people over 65 have already multiple chronic conditions. Time is not working for us and current political times are seemingly working against us.

“We can fix both, prioritise health and healthy longevity as top political goals, and extend healthy lifespan to minimise age-associated functional decline.”

Attila has three main points that build the basis of his campaign for the European Union to advance healthy longevity for all, in a transparent way:

  1. Provide additional 30 billion euros, yearly for this cause, out of the EU budget
    This would cover setting up new institutions (see next point), new consortium projects, additional education, all resources channeled into the part of biomedical and associated technological research focusing on developing new therapies preventing or counteracting ageing associated diseases.
  2. Set up a coordinated European Institute for Healthy Longevity Research to be present in every member countries and ready to be active part of the relevant international projects.
  3. Accessible education programmes for everybody, outside academia, reaching all ages to learn about biological ageing, its malleability, and the advances towards healthy longevity

“This bottom-up approach starting with the individual is as important as the top-down approaches.

“What this means is that we should be on our way to increase our healthy longevity period to harness the longevity dividend. But we are not fast enough.

“Scientific innovation should be followed up, enabled further and accelerated by political innovation.”

There is more from Attila Csordas on his blog.

The list of parties standing for election for the East Region:

Change UK
Conservative Party
English Democrats
Green Party
Labour Party
Liberal Democrats
The Brexit Party
Independent Attila Csordas