Rhiannon Meades, Mid Beds Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate

Candidate says manifesto “will bring real change”

Rhiannon Meades, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Mid-Bedfordshire, has enthusiastically welcomed Labour’s 2019 Manifesto. After the Labour Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, launched the manifesto in Birmingham on Thursday (21 November 2019), Rhiannon said:

“Labour’s manifesto is the most radical for many generations. It will transform our country. It is brimming with fantastic policies that are both popular and essential if we are going to address the climate emergency, end austerity and invest in our public services, tackle poverty and inequality and create a fairer economy that works for the many not the few.”

Labour says that its programme speaks directly to local needs and is fully costed. In a statement, Rhiannon listed the following measures for Mid-Bedfordshire:

  • Investing in our local NHS – in hospitals, community and primary care including GPs, in mental health services
  • Addressing the climate emergency with the introduction of a radical Green New Deal
  • Significantly improving school budgets and restoring local democratic accountability for schools
  • New Sure Start children’s centres opening and existing ones expanding
  • More police in Bedfordshire to keep us safe
  • Scrapping Universal Credit and not rolling it out in Mid Beds
  • Improving public transport with a publicly owned and publicly controlled rail, better bus services
  • Significant numbers of council homes and affordable to buy housing to be built across the constituency
  • Introducing free personal care for elderly people
  • Creating National and Regional investment banks to help small businesses

Rhiannon said:

“Only Labour is guaranteeing to give the people the final say on Brexit with a referendum with the option to Remain on the ballot paper.

“This is a manifesto that will bring real change. It challenges privilege and the powerful. I am excited about discussing the manifesto with the electors in Mid-Bedfordshire over the next few weeks.”

Rhiannon Meades can be followed on Twitter @Meades4Labour.

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Green Party – Gareth Ellis
Liberal Democrats – Rachel McGann
Monster Raving Loony – Ann Kelly
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