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Conservative MP’s majority increased to 24,664

Conservative MP Nadine Dorries won the seat in Mid Bedfordshire with 38,692 votes. This the fifth time she has been elected as the constituency’s MP. She was first elected in 2005.

Rhiannon Meades, of the Labour Party, came second with 14,028 votes, a fall of 3,925 votes from the result in 2017.

On her return as the MP for Mid Bedfordshire, MP Nadine Dorries said:

“I’d like to thank all the candidates that stood in this election, this is what democracy is all about. Everybody who wants to stand for election has the opportunity to do so.

“I am delighted, not just with this result here in Mid Bedfordshire, but with what appears to be the results across the country. Now is the time to move on, to get Brexit done and to unite the country .”

An exit poll on the BBC’s website gave 99+% chance of the MP holding the seat.

Her majority increased from 20,983 to 24,664.

There was a turnout of 64,942 votes (74.01%) including 225 spoilt papers. There are 87,795 registered voters. The returning officer was the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, Meryl Dolling.

The full count was as follows:

 Name  Votes Votes share %  Vote share change
Nadine Dorries (CON) 38,692 59.8 -1.9
Rhiannon Meades (LAB) 14,028  21.7 -6.8
Rachel McGann (LD) 8,171 12.6 +6.6 
Gareth Ellis (GRN) 2,478 3.8  +1.0
Alan Victor (IND) 812 1.3  +1.3
Ann Kelly (MRLP) 536 0.8 -0.2