Ann Kelly will be the Official Monster Raving Looney Party candidate for Mid Bedfordshire Image:Ann Kelly

Ann Kelly, a two-time town mayor and experienced independent councillor, is the Official Monster Raving Looney Party Mid Bedfordshire prospective parliamentary candidate for next month’s general election.

Ann, the Mid Beds Minx, said:

“The Official Monster Raving Loony Party is a satirical party and seen as the party of fun. However, they do have a serious side: they put the voter first. This election will see a lot of undecided voters who are disillusioned with the main parties.

“If elected, my absolute priority would be to represent my constituents and assisting with local issues. A concern I would work on is the out of control building in the area, with barely any affordable and social housing, or new amenities.

“I will pester Thameslink constantly to improve their service. As a minority party member, I would not be constrained in parliament by a party whip.”

This is the third time that Ann will stand for election as Mid Bedfordshire’s MP. In 2017 she polled 667 votes, the highest amount of votes for the OMRLP in the election.

Ann said that this time may be a lot of voter apathy, so she is asking anyone who doesn’t vote for the main parties to vote for her as a protest vote.

Other candidates announced are:

Alan Victor – Renew

Rachel McGann – Liberal Democrates

Rhiannon Meades – Labour Party