Alan Victor

Alan Victor, who announced last month that he would be standing as a Renew Party candidate for Mid-Bedfordshire will now be standing as an Independent.

He  said that he did not want to stand for a party that advocates a people’s vote as the residents in Mid Beds have not been asked if this was what they wanted. He said:

“It would be my job, if elected to engage fully with the voters, make myself properly accessible for discussion and debate and then consolidate their view with my own before voting on these momentous decisions in Parliament.

“I have resigned from my position of party board member but I intend to remain a member of the party and hope to return as a Renew candidate in the near future with the added experience of having fought a general election as an independent candidate.

“I intend to stand on a ticket that offers “real” parliamentary democracy making myself totally accessible to the constituents and to vote in line with their collective input rather than following the party line of the main parties which are based on ideology and are often at odds with the voters opinions.

“I can now see that the party political system has morphed into an alternative democracy where a tiny hierarchy of activists, party members and unelected advisors decide the future of our country instead of the millions who should be represented faithfully by elected members of Parliament.

“To take this stand I will not advocate for another EU referendum but will instead focus on how the government’s and Parliament’s approach has been incompetent because of their failure to follow well established methods for achieving consensus (as employed, for example, in many large businesses.)

“The role of MPs in this should have been to consult their constituents conscientiously to inform their opinion and then properly represent their constituents in Parliament.

“In fact, the party political system and the whipping of votes in Parliament acts against the proper representation of the people in our democracy.

“You only have to ask any voter whether they feel properly represented in Parliament, particularly in Mid Bedfordshire.”

Alan can be contacted as follows:

Twitter: @MidBedsAlanV