Alan Victor Renew candidate for Mid Bedfordshire Image:Alan Victor

Alan Victor was a candidate at this year’s local election

The next general election is scheduled for 5 May 2022. However, with the current impasse in Parliament, there could be an election before Christmas. In preparation for an early election, Renew has named Alan Victor as its candidate for Mid Bedfordshire.

Alan was also Renew’s candidate for the Cranfield and Marston Moretaine Ward in May. He is a director trustee of Families First Bedfordshire, a charity committed to providing support for parents and children through nurseries, children’s centres and specialist services to help families through adverse domestic experiences.

He is also a trustee of a large pension plan and has previously worked for 35 years in the automotive industry. Alan said:

“I am honoured to be the approved Renew candidate for Mid Bedfordshire in the upcoming election. Renew is dedicated to running people from outside politics, not career politicians.

“From my experience of living and working in this beautiful and diverse county, I feel well-prepared to represent Mid Bedfordshire.

“I can also draw on my previous experiences living and trading in EU and non-EU countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the US and Japan, so I have a broad understanding of the profound changes that Brexit will bring.

“All of my business experience told me they needed to seek a consensus within Parliament on the way Brexit was to be implemented but all I saw was a bull-headed approach to force through ill conceived solutions which would result in widespread collateral damage.

“I saw that I could make a contribution by bringing well respected change management principles into politics.

“On the local level, I will ensure that we lead responsibly to provide great schools, employment opportunities, a better NHS, sustainable farming and properly integrated housing, infrastructure and services throughout Mid Bedfordshire while protecting families from bad environmental decisions.”

Renew believes that the UK should remain in the EU and be a strong voice for reforming politics at all levels . It says that the best deal in our partnership with the EU is still available – the arrangement that the UK already has as members. It opposes the government’s handling of Brexit and has campaigned for a People’s Vote to settle the issue.

Renew currently has a shortlist of over 120 candidates nationwide.

Visit to find out more about Renew and its grassroots project of constitutional, economic and environmental reform.