Two LibDems explain why you should vote for them at the European Elections in May  Image: Element5 Digital on Unsplash

LibDems: “A people’s vote is the only way to end the Brexit mess”

The Liberal Democrats have put together a full team of seven candidates for campaign to win MEP seats in the East of England region. Two of them, Barbara Gibson and Sandy Walkington, explained to the Chronicle why voters in the Cranfield and Marston Vale area should put their cross in the LibDem box.

Barbara Gibson is the leading LibDem candidate for this region. She said:

“I can personally attest to the fact that people are fed up with the mess that is Brexit.

“People are weary, they know that we were lied to, and they are embarrassed by the shambles.”

She says that Westminster politics has failed the public and that Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have their fingers stuck firmly in their ears and are ignoring the current will of the people and listening only to the extremists in their parties.

Sandy Walkington thought that the people who pushed for Brexit would have had a plan but they clearly didn’t:

“They didn’t have a clue with what they wanted from the process.”

The LibDems say that they are demanding better and that they want to the people to have a vote on the deal it took the Government nearly three years to achieve. Barbara said:

“The people should have the opportunity to decide whether it is better than the deal we have to remain in the EU.

“A people’s vote is the only way to break the deadlock and end the Brexit mess.”

They both say that a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote to stop Brexit. But how would a group of MEPs in Brussels force the Government to take action? Sandy said that a strong LidDem showing would “put the fear of God into the old parties”:

“This would stiffen the sinews in the Labour Party where I think the majority of MPs and party members believe that Corbyn has taken the wrong position.”

Europe-wide manifesto

Sandy believes that his party has a very good manifesto. He said that it is based on the Europe wide manifesto of ALDE (the Association of Liberal Democrats in Europe). Sandy said:

“There will be parties across the EU with a very similar message and that is a tremendous strength.”

Although he admitted that the reality is that the only people who look at manifestos in an election are opponents hoping to catch you out on it.

“But what matters about the manifesto is that when you are elected then the officers, be at council level, or the civil servants at Westminster or Brussels levels can understand what you are hope to achieve.

“It also gives you a platform and a philosophy on which you are campaigning.”

During the recent local election many people in this area have said that they are fed up with politics and are not going to vote. Sandy has an answer to those who say that they are not going to vote:

“I always say to people who feel like that to go along and spoil your ballot paper because you have been voted.

“You have actually taking part and taking part is really important people died so that we can have the vote

“But equally while out canvassing I have met people who are fired up to vote because they care so passionately about our position in the world and that we should be part of the European Union.”

Based on opinion polls, Sandy feels that it is likely that the election will end up with a result which is going to put the Brexit party and the Lib Dems in the top two positions. But neither of them are taking anything for granted. Barbara ended by saying:

“With an extremist, populist, self-serving party dominating the media coverage and likely to scoop up Brexiteer votes, it is essential that all those who now support remaining in the EU join together and support the strongest remain party.

“In the Eastern Region, that is clearly the Lib Dems.”


The list of parties standing for election for the East Region:

Change UK
Conservative Party
English Democrats
Green Party
Labour Party
Liberal Democrats
The Brexit Party
Independent Attila Csordas