On-call firefighter trainees group Image Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

On-call firefighters attend incidents in their spare time

Ten Bedfordshire residents have started a rigorous 12-week training course to become on-call firefighters.

After a selection process, including medical and fitness assessments, the new recruits have been appointed to take part in the Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s (BFRS) on-call firefighter trainee programme.

On-call firefighters attend incidents in their spare time, with many stations in the county, including Toddington, Ampthill, Biggleswade and Sandy all rely on on-call firefighters to keep stations running and help keep Bedfordshire communities safe in emergencies.

Training Centre commander, Ian McLaren said:

“We have created a timetable which incorporates a mixture of evening, weekdays and weekends for the training schedule, as many of the new recruits have primary jobs elsewhere.

“These 10 new recruits have already demonstrated a desire to learn and a commitment to the Service in the selection process. We now welcome them onto our trainee course and wish them the very best of luck in training.

“On-call firefighters are key to ensuring the safety of our communities in Bedfordshire.”

BFRS is always looking for people from a variety of backgrounds to join the Service. Anyone who is interested in becoming an on-call firefighter should visit the career section on the BFRS website to find out more.