Incinerator presentation at Central Bedfordshire Council

Councillor’s comment follows presentation to council committee

Covanta and the Environment Agency (EA) gave presentations on the Rookery South Incinerator to a Central Bedfordshire Council committee yesterday (22 November 2018).

After the presentations, the chair of the Sustainable Communities Overview & Scrutiny Committee, Cllr David McVicar said that he felt that the Covanta presentation probably allayed many of the fears and uncertainties council members and residents had over the incinerator.

Cllr McVicar also felt that the EA’s presentation on ensuring that the incinerator complies with its permit gave people the reassurance that they need and deserve. He said:

“The myths and mythology that surround things like power-stations and incinerators are great. It is rather like saying Sainsbury is running out of sugar – everyone rushes down to buy sugar and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“But this one isn’t, this one is clean and tidy.”

Gareth Ellis, spokesperson for the Green Party, who are supporters of BACI (the Bedfordshire Against Covanta Incinerator campaign), does not agree with Cllr McVicar. He said:

“What has happened to the leadership of our local politicians who originally opposed this monster, but who now seem to be accepting it?

“I am surprised by Mr McVicar’s remarks and I don’t know how he can say the incinerator is clean and tidy. It has not been built yet, and if we get our way it never will.

“If residents feel they also want to prevent this incinerator being built, then they should also support BACI – who continue to oppose it. More information on the group can be found on Facebook.”

Vague meeting agenda

The presentation by Covanta and the EA was not mentioned in the meeting agenda. The Chronicle asked CBC if this was deliberate so that residents would be unaware of the presentations. A CBC spokesperson explained that the agenda was not specific as it was probably put together before the outcome of the judicial review into the incinerator’s permit was known.  

CBC was also asked for further clarification on Cllr McVicar’s buying sugar analogy, but it did not respond before our publication deadline. 

A video of the presentation can be found here: