Phoebe and her lemonade stand Image: Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Clinical Nurse Specialist Sarah Burke-Jacobs is one very proud Grandma! She has two granddaughters, Phoebe (6) and Lola (2). Sarah said:

“During the half term holidays last week my daughter took them both shopping and they popped into the Barnardo’s charity shop (and bagged themselves some bargains; a Barbie wardrobe and toy farm animals respectively).

“Phoebe saw a fundraising pack and decided she wanted to have a ‘Lemonade Stand’. With short notice to arrange everything, her mum and Dad, myself and her other grandmother (‘Nana’) helped with arrangements.

“As well as selling lemonade, she sold cookies, biscuits, cakes and hot pizza. There was also a name the Teddy game, and raffles for hairdressing voucher, football training session, plants and hats and notebooks and lightbulbs for sale.

“Because of Lola’s ‘obsession’ with Fire Engines, I called Kempston Community Fire Station to ask if they would send a unit round. They gladly obliged to the delight of all the children in the neighbourhood. Blue Watch were an amazing crew.

“The day was made even more successful from donations from the co-op (cakes). the Bronzing Shop (blow dry voucher) and Dominoes Pizza and Sunshine Riding School (Luton). Further donations were made by family, friends etc. Phoebe’s goal was to raise £100 , but she exceeded this and so far has raised more than £850, and has now set herself a new goal of £1000.”

Phoebe’s grandmother Sarah works for the Luton Community Paediatric Service as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Phoebe loves to hear about the wonderful work she does and wanted to do a bit herself for the community.

Sarah said that her granddaughter Phoebe is very modest and all of the congratulations she received on the day did not phase her. She was even mentioned on BBC 3 Counties Radio.

Click here to make a donation to help Phoebe get to the £1000 mark and help the children’s charity Barnardo’s.