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Labour Candidate for Mid-Bedfordshire welcomes Manifesto

Rhiannon Meades, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Mid-Bedfordshire has enthusiastically welcomed Labour’s 2019 Manifesto.

Speaking after Jeremy Corbyn launched the manifesto in Birmingham on Thursday (21 November 2019), Rhiannon said:

“Labour’s manifesto is the most radical for many generations. It will transform our country. It is brimming with fantastic policies that are both popular and essential if we are going to address the climate emergency, end austerity and invest in our public services, tackle poverty and inequality and create a fairer economy that works for the many not the few.”

Labour says that its programme speaks directly to local needs and is fully costed

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Labour candidate says broadband as an entitlement will benefit Mid Beds

Labour’s Mid Beds parliamentary candidate, Rhiannon Meades has welcomed the party’s bold announcement that in government it will undertake a massive upgrade in the UK’s internet infrastructure, delivering internet connections for everyone.

The roll out will begin with communities that have the worst broadband access. Such as rural and remote communities and some inner city areas. These will be followed by towns and smaller centres.

The plan will be paid for through Labour’s Green Transformation fund and taxing multinational corporations such as Amazon, Facebook and Google. Labour says that this will save the average person £30.30 a month.

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Labour candidate says Conservative Mid Beds MP is “not here”

Rhiannon Meades speaking at the Labour Party’s Mid Bedfordshire Candidate Launch at The Hive, Shefford yesterday (10 November 2019) said that the advantage she has as standing as a candidate is that people recognise her as the ‘Face of Labour’ and that people can reach out to her for help.

She gave examples of people who had shared their stories with her.

Such as Paul, who can’t get on a train at Flitwick Station because there isn’t access, Rita who has faced increased racism since the Brexit vote, and a mother who is in temporary accommodation as a home can’t be found for her family.

Rhiannon told the Labour Party members that the Mid Beds Conservative MP, Nadine Dorris, is “not here”

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Mid Beds Labour Party chooses Rhiannon as its Parliamentary Candidate

Rhiannon Meades has been selected as Labour’s candidate for the Mid Bedfordshire Constituency. She was also the candidate in the 2017 general election, when she increased the Labour vote by over 12%. Rhiannon, who lives in Harlington, is an actor who works in film theatre and commercials, a Labour Party activist, and a Mum. She is very active in her community and played a leading role in the Bedfordshire Rail Access Network.

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