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The Fox: 35 years on from a crime spree that shook the region

Today (26 February 2020) marks 35 years since the sentencing of Malcolm Fairley, whose predatory crime spree shook the region.

Dubbed “The Fox,” as he built lairs in the homes of his victims and evaded capture by making his escape across rural countryside. Fairley’s brazen offending in the summer of 1984 is etched in the memories of those living within the ‘offending triangle’ of Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable and Tring.

Retired officers have gathered this week to reflect on their efforts to apprehend Fairley. The armed, masked, intruder whose warped actions targeted both men and women, old and young.

Fairley set out on a string of serious offending from March to September 1984. His reign of terror was finally brought to an end when he was arrested just days after his last attack. This followed a development in the case which took Bedfordshire Police officers to an address in London.

Handed six life sentences by a judge after his confession to a violent series of burglaries, rapes and serious sexual assaults, which spanned over 80 crimes, Fairley is still behind bars.

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