Consumer centre could close if EU Exit agreement not made

The UK European Consumer Centre (UK ECC) could face closure and thousands of UK consumers could be left unprotected if an agreement between the UK Government and the EU is not made before December 31.

The centre, founded in 2007, is part of a network throughout EU member states plus Iceland and Norway. It offers UK consumers support with queries about companies and products purchased in those states.

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Don’t become a statistic this Black Friday

The UK ECC offers these guidelines for buying from online marketplaces:

• make sure you know who are you buying from
Online marketplaces will often indicate who the goods are being sold by and if so, you can often visit the seller’s page. This way you can establish whether or not it is an individual seller or a business.

• check out your consumer rights for online purchases and ensure you know who is responsible if things go wrong
Your consumer rights are with the seller of the goods, not the marketplace itself. The best way of thinking about this is to imagine you’re in an actual marketplace: if you purchase goods from the stallholder, that’s who your rights are with; not the owner of the marketplace.

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