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Applying to uni for 2020? Better look lively – deadline is 15th January!

As most schools and colleges are getting ready break-up for the Christmas holiday it’s important for students to use this holiday time wisely if they still haven’t applied to university. The deadline is 15th January for starting in 2020.

Studying a degree is a significant commitment and it’s a big decision. Over 20,000 don’t start their 2nd year so it’s really important to make sure you get as much information as possible over this Christmas break. So you can make the decision that’s right for you.

Applying to university can be daunting, and if you’ve put it off and put it off – you’re really going to have to look lively.

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12th Nov is ‘Uni Drop-Out Day’

Thousands of students (over 20,000) drop out of university every year and November 12th is the most common day for first year students (freshers) to drop out.

Statistically, the 12th November is the date when first year students are most likely to drop out of their course, just over eight weeks after starting.

For new university students, the first term can be difficult to manage. Few friends, unfamiliar people and timetables, and a completely new place to live can make the first 8-10 weeks lonely, scary and overwhelming. Around 1 in 16 students don’t start their second year.

Dr Lisette Johnston Head of School at ScreenSpace gives tips for those considering dropping out

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University’s Arctic research will explore effect of shipping on atmosphere

Cranfield University scientists have been awarded funding to assess the impact of emissions from shipping and cruises in the Arctic region.

The team will be formed by Cranfield University, University of Birmingham, University of Exeter and the British Antarctic Survey. The project will assess the impact of shipping emissions in the Arctic and North Atlantic on atmospheric conditions.

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University nano membrane research gives people something to go on

Cranfield University’s Nano Membrane Toilet has been named as one of the UK’s 100 best breakthroughs for its significant impact on people’s everyday lives.

The Nano Membrane Toilet is being developed in response to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s ‘Reinvent the Toilet Challenge’. The sustainable toilet can be used without the need for connection to water, power or sewage supplies.

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Cranfield staff buzzing about annual Honey Harvest

Cranfield staff buzzing about annual Honey Harvest

The resident bees at Cranfield University have once again been busy making honey over the summer months, resulting in the annual harvest of its hives.

The University’s four hives, containing an estimated 240,000 bees, are positioned within a woodland area of the picturesque campus and are managed by groundskeepers, Nurture. Cranfield staff and students were invited to attend the Honey Harvesting Experience, during which they learnt about the ‘capping’, ‘spinning’ and ‘pouring’ of the honey. Altogether, over 100 jars of artisan honey were produced across the season.

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Metro Bank and Cranfield launch first of its kind banking master’s-level apprenticeship

Metro Bank and Cranfield launch first of its kind banking master’s-level apprenticeship

Cranfield School of Management has partnered with Metro Bank to launch an MSc in Retail and Digital Banking.

Launching this month, over 30 employees from across the bank will become the first cohort to undertake the two-year part-time degree, which will offered by Cranfield as part of its wider educational portfolio from next year.

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