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Central Bedfordshire Council is asking residents to name waste trucks

Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) and its waste and recycling collections partner FCC Environment has a fleet of 34 new waste and recycling trucks. These took to the roads at the beginning of February. CBC wants residents to get involved and help to name them.

The trucks will be collecting; glass bottles and jars; plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, food cans, drinks cans, cartons, garden waste, and much, much more.

CBC wants inspired names for its trucks and the 34 best responses, as selected by our panel of judges, will feature on the side of the trucks.

All entries must be less than 25 characters, CBC ask that all residents “keep it clean”.

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Remember, remember bonfire night but make it legal and safe

If you’re planning a bonfire for the forthcoming Guy Fawkes celebrations, either at home or a larger public event, make sure what you burn is both legal and safe, says the Environment Agency.

Spare a thought too for the wildlife as hedgehogs, toads, frogs, lizards and snakes may have nestled under the bonfire.

Build the bonfire as close to the day as possible; as far away as possible from trees, bird boxes and bat boxes; and check for wildlife before lighting the fire.

It is illegal to burn most types of waste and setting fire to treated wood, tyres, plastics, rubber and oil can seriously harm health and pollute the environment.

Any material for the bonfire should be clean, non-commercial waste and only small amounts of untreated wood, paper, leaves, and cardboard should be used.

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Covanta: Judicial Review will only delay and not stop the incinerator

Covanta: Judicial Review will only delay and not stop the incinerator

Local campaigners are hoping that the Judicial Review (JR) into the Environment Agency’s decision to issue a permit for Covanta’s energy-from-waste plant at Stewartby will be the start of the end of the plant.

Bedfordshire Against Covanta Incinerator (BACI) went to the High Court in May and a judge found that the group “identified arguable grounds” to have their case heard.

The JR will only be looking into the issuing of the permit and not into the planning permission.

Covanta’s Head of UK & Europe, Tom Koltis, feels that October’s JR will not stop the Rookery South incinerator. In an interview with the Chronicle he said that to him the most the JR could do is delay the construction schedule.

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