Suspicious telephone calls offering crime prevention equipment Image: AdobeStock_87212890

Caller may claim they are “working closely with local police to provide residents a special offer”

The local Trading Standards team has received reports from concerned residents who have recently received an unsolicited telephone call from a ‘home security’ business.

During the call, the caller attempts to arrange an appointment for a someone to visit the resident’s home to discuss and offer crime prevention equipment.

The caller may make claims such as “the police no longer respond to home security alarms” or that they are “working closely with local Police to provide residents a special offer“.

Trading Standards believes these callers maybe targeting elderly and vulnerable residents. Although it urges anyone who receives this type of unsolicited telephone call to act with caution.

Its advice is never feel pressured into making a quick decision that you may later regret and always take a moment to ask yourself whether the offer sounds genuine.

If you’re ever interested in what is being offered, take some time to shop around and seek advice from a local reputable business. If you have any doubts about a telephone call you receive, then do not be afraid to end the call by simply hanging up.

If you receive a telephone call you suspect may be a scam or have any information relating to the above telephone calls, you can report it to Trading Standards by calling 03454 04 05 06