Stephanie Hughes, Tiffany Sibbald and Lucky Ladher are set to take on the Rough Runner challenge Supplied by Lucky Ladher

Lucky and his gym friends are taking on a Rough Runner challenge

A Bedford dad is gearing up for a gladiator-style challenge in honour of a little girl and a much-missed colleague. Revenue Control Officer Lucky Ladher who works for Govia Thameslink railway, is raising money with his gym buddies for ‘Lulu’s Fight’ and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Lulu is a six-year-old Bedford girl who was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma at the age of four. She immediately had chemotherapy and has also had immunotherapy.

Thanks to donations, she is taking part in a clinical trial in New York, which will hopefully reduce the chances of her cancer returning. Lucky said:

“I have three girls – twins that are eight and an older one who is 10. I want to help as much as I can. In the area, everyone is doing something for Lulu. It could have happened to anyone’s daughter.”

Lulu’s dad, Rob de Vries, said:

“We are, as a family, astounded with the way the people of Bedford have reacted to Lulu and her story. So many people have set up events to support us in raising what seemed like a huge amount of money.

“The community have been simply amazing. People like Lucky are investing their time and energy in Lulu and that’s very touching.”

Lucky and his friends are also raising money in memory of Lucky’s former colleague, a dispatcher at King’s Cross, who sadly died from bowel cancer last year. Lucky said:

“He had been there for a number of years. We used to sit down and have a laugh and a joke. If you have been working with someone for so long, you class them as your family. He also had two young kids – two young boys.”

Lucky has been training hard for the Rough Runner challenge on Saturday, September 7, at Finsbury Park. The event combines an obstacle course with a 5km run. Lucky said:

“It’s like a gladiator-style challenge. It will take everything out of me, but I’m happy to put myself through it.”

Lucky and his team – Stephanie Hughes, Tiffany Sibbald, Aaron Ledge and Kalli Rodney – have already smashed their fundraising target of £1,000. To donate, visit: