Breakdowns can be prevented says Highways England traffic officer, Siobhan Wares Image:Highways England

Breakdowns cost time and money

Every year Highways England traffic officers deal with more than 85,000 breakdowns.

In the last two years, over 40 per cent of these breakdowns were caused by running out of fuel, poor tyre maintenance, power loss and engine trouble.

Around 22 motorists broke down every day during July and August last year because they had run out of fuel.

Highways England recommends that drivers carryout a few easy checks to ensure their vehicle is safely equipped to drive.

Siobhan Wares, a traffic officer covering the M25, warned that breakdowns could lead to more serious incidents. She said:

“What you have to think about is if you breakdown you’re not just putting yourself at risk.

“If you have family with you it’s your passengers as well as other road users too.”

One motorist who needed help told Siobhan that they noticed the oil guage problem and though that they’d deal with it later.

“It’s not rocket science; check your fuel, tyres, oil and water.”


Simple checks can keep you safe

Highways England recommends that drivers carry out the following to help prevent needless breakdowns.

  • Look out for cuts or wear on tyres and and making sure they  have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, which is the legal limit
  • Use the dipstick to check oil before any long journey, and top up if needed
  • Keep the windscreen wash topped up
  • Check the vehicle lights, including indicators, hazard lights, headlights, and fog lights

Get there safely

Highways England Chief Executive, Jim O’Sullivan, said:

“I want all drivers to arrive at their destinations safely during the summer holidays.

“We are urging motorists to make sure they are ready to go on their journeys by checking their fuel, tyres and oil.

“With a few simple checks everyone will be safer.”

For more information on vehicle checks, visit the Think campaign page.

To keep up to date with condtions on the road call 0300 123 5000 or visit Highways England.