Virgin Trains removes Friday peak restrictions to encourage last-minute adventures Image:Virgin Trains

Special offer for the school holidays

Virgin Trains is making weekend getaways from London easier this summer. It is temporarily removing the afternoon peak restrictions out of London Euston. The move covers Fridays from 20th July to 31st August.

Customers who buy an off-peak ticket for a last-minute getaway, or to get home earlier to see family, no longer need to wait for the start of the off-peak on Friday evening.

Virgin Trains Executive Director Commercial, Sarah Copley, said:

“We know the working week is busy for most, with day-to-day routines often not allowing much opportunity to be spontaneous. We see summer weekends as the perfect time to think a little differently about how you choose to spend time in the UK.

“Our summer promotion will enable Virgin Trains customers to extend their weekends with ease and be more flexible with their plans. We hope as many people as possible will make the most of their summer Fridays starting that little bit earlier, choosing to travel and explore the many great places we visit along the West Coast with friends and family.”

Last-minute getaways

The new promotion comes as research shows we are far from being a nation of queue-loving, stiff upper-lip Brits. In fact, we embrace spontaneity and last-minute decisions for weekend plans.

It found that 93% of all social media conversations about the weekend refer to acting spontaneously, with excited conversations kicking in at 4pm on a Friday.

Almost 100,000 tweets relating to weekends were analysed, and results show the most prominent hashtags are #spontaneous, #spontaneity, #lastminute, #TGIF and #latedecision.

Once we arrive at our summer weekend destinations, one in four of us (25%) are posting pictures of beer gardens. Food is shared by 16% as they share new favourite places to brunch and 15% are snapping the best sunsets.

Almost a third (31%) of all tweets about the weekend in fact show that it’s all about scoping out new hidden hotspots in our UK cities.

Customers can book Standard and First Class Advance tickets on the Virgin Trains website