Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service tribute to VE Day Image - Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

Firefighters’ video tribute

The coronavirus outbreak means that many people are to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day within their own homes. All public gatherings have been cancelled across Bedfordshire.

But a series of alternative celebrations will mark the end of fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe during World War Two.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) has marked the historic milestone with a visual tribute from their firefighters and a message from their Chief Fire Officer.

Chair of the Fire Authority, Councillor John Chatterley, said:

“During these challenging times, some of our communities will be having ‘stay at home’ VE Day Celebrations to mark this milestone date, at a time of another very different global struggle.

“It is an opportunity to remember and reflect on the sacrifices made during the Second World War. Currently, our communities are doing what they do best, giving support and help to others during this current pandemic, whilst also celebrating the end of a different fight 75 years ago.”

Along with socially distanced wreath-laying, BFRS has created a short video showing their visual tribute.

Today (8 May 2020), firefighters will also stand for the two minute silence at stations across Bedfordshire.

Chief Fire Officer Paul Fuller said:

“I would like to pay tribute to all of those people who gave their sacrifice and commitment 75 years ago so that we could all be free. We saw last week a fly-by of planes which would have once been a source of fear and terror, now they are a tribute to those who gave so much.

“Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service will remember them all – thank you to the heroes of World War Two.”

BFRS tribute to VE Day Image - Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service