Danesborough Chorus, in Woburn Church

What do vivacious Vivaldi and a modern anthem to peace have in common?

The answer is …the Danesborough Chorus!

The choir welcomes you back with an adventure in musical contrasts on Saturday 13 November 2021 in St Mary’s Parish Church, Woburn, with Baroque masterpieces by Antonio Vivaldi and Georg Philipp Telemann and an ‘up and coming’ modern classic by Cecilia McDowall.

Vivaldi’s music was forgotten after his death in 1741. His Gloria, a joyful, warmly Italian hymn of praise, was rescued from obscurity in 1939 to become a much loved work in the choral repertoire.

His Magnificat is more ‘off-the-beaten-track’, and offers dramatic, highly infectious music to delight all fans of Baroque.

Telemann’s Suite in D is taken from his collection of Tafelmusik, the German title for music to entertain guests at meals. Telemann wrote: “I do hope this work will one day contribute to my fame“.

Its dazzling duets for oboe and trumpets, its lightness of spirit, and tuneful melodies that suit perfectly each instrument ensure Telemann would not feel disappointed.

Cecilia McDowall (pictured below) has won many awards, including the 2014 British Composer for Choral Music award.

McDowall wrote the hauntingly beautiful Ave Maris Stella as an anthem to peace and it was first performed in Portsmouth Cathedral on Armistice Day 2001.

You can look forward to tranquil purity, with occasional dissonant harmonies, from a composer who has a ‘communicative gift that is very rare in modern music’ (International Record Review).

The choir and its conductor, Ian Smith, are joined by the Alina Orchestra and soloists Bethany Seymour (soprano) and Nancy Cole (mezzo-soprano).

Tickets: £20, £15 and £10, under 18s £5 (all unreserved). Available by phoning 01908 583460. The performance starts at 19:30.

For COVID-safety advice and measures at this event, please visit www.danesborough.org.uk/concerts.

Cecilia McDowall Image supplied by Danesborough Chorus