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Code Ninjas mark National Video Games Day (12th September)

Does your child love to write computer code? Maybe they even talk about coding as a career? To help to develop coding skills, the Senseis at Code Ninjas – a brand new coding programme launching in Milton Keynes on 3rd October – have put together this FREE coding activity for your coding child to try at home.

Can they master the challenge?

Head to Scratch ( and click on CREATE:

  1. Add two Sprites! This can be done by clicking a blue button near the bottom right of the screen that has a cat-image on it.
  2. Now, head to the left side task bar to click the yellow circle “Events” and drag over the “When (green flag icon) Clicked” event which will run any code attached when the green flag icon is clicked – go ahead and click it.
  3. Next click the light orange circle “Control” and find the forever loop to attach to the “When (green flag icon) Clicked” step. Anything you put inside this piece will occur again, and again, and again, without stopping.
  4. Find the blue circle “Motion” tab to the left and grab the “point towards (mouse pointer)” to put in the loop. Once there, change the (mouse pointer) drop down menu to show the name of one of your sprites.
  5. Now, add another motion task “move 10 steps” so that the sprite you listed in step 4, the other sprite will head towards it without stopping! But why not add some more directions to make your mini-game work a little better?
  6. Click on the sprite to the right that you listed in step four, and then follow steps two and three again – but this time use the “repeat until” loop.
  7. Scroll down the “Control” menu to find the blue sensing task of “touching (mouse pointer)” which you will drag onto the repeat until piece. Change the drop down to the sprite, so not “mouse pointer” or “edge” to tell it that when your sprite touches the other, that is when this next loop will end.
  8. Now go back to the blue circle “Motion” and add “go to (random position)” but this time change the drop down to “mouse pointer”. This will have your sprites chasing each other as long as you have your mouse on the sprite listed in step four!

Now it’s up to you to add more! Maybe change their size, position them differently, or add speech bubbles so each sprite can say something.

Belt up at Code Ninjas

Code Ninjas teaches coding by helping students to build their own video games which can be bought downloaded once it’s finished.

The other great thing is that a lot of the stuff kids learn during sessions is built around games they already know and love – Scratch®, Minecraft®, and Roblox®, to name a few. And the excitement doesn’t stop there.

Coding instructors are called Senseis. In Japanese martial arts, a Sensei is a teacher or an instructor. What better name for someone who is going to help your child learn how to code?

Also, with Code Ninjas students can drop in any time that they want, so they don’t have to stick to the same day and time every week. Girish Betadpur, one of the owners at the new coding centre for kids launching in Broughton Gate, said:

“At Code Ninjas, you’ll get to build all sorts of fun things, like robots and drones, and generally learn everything you need to become a fully trained coding ninja.

“As you complete each level of the programme, you’ll be awarded with a coloured wristband – sort of like how you move up through the levels in martial arts, but instead of a belt, you get a colour-coded wristband that keeps track of your progress.

“You can start at Code Ninjas when you’re as young as five and the programme continues right the way through until you’re 14 – just imagine what you could learn to do in that time! By the end, you’ll be a black belt ninja, with your very own work available online.”

You can find out more about Code Ninjas’ kids coding programme at one of their open days. You register your interest at Code Ninjas Milton Keynes.

Code Ninjas Milton Keynes opens on 3rd October at Unit 1, 13 Bodmin Place, Broughton Gate, Milton Keynes MK10 7DP.