Family Fun at TNMOC Summer Bytes 2018 Image:TNMOC

Summer Bytes 2018 at The National Museum of Computing

Summer Bytes 2018 family fun starts at The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park on Wednesday 1 August. It continues on Tuesdays to Sundays throughout the month.

Sponsored by Ensoft, Summer Bytes festivals have become the go-to event for youngsters wanting creative fun during the school holidays.

From Minecraft to Lego and Raspberry Pis to BBC Micro:bits, there is plenty to unlock imaginations, inspire and entertain.

Summer Bytes workshops

In workshops, STEM ambassadors and experienced museum volunteers will guide youngsters in developing weird and wonderful devices and applications.

Any youngster with a knack for coding or engineering will be in tech heaven programming robots, customising their own devices and re-inventing retro games.

The workshops usually start at 10am.

Food features too! Every Saturday morning, a different top MK independent restaurant will present tasters of its latest fare. For the parents/gauardians there will even be some special beers. These will have familiar yet cryptic Bletchley Park names.

There is lots of educational creative fun to be had six days a week at The National Museum of Computing. One session will lead to more … and they are all at very low cost – some are free.

The whole museum will be open so that everyone can see vintage working machines from the wartime code-breaking Colossus and Bombe through the monster computers of the 1960s and 1970s to the desktop revolution of the 1980s and right up to the present day.

For the full programme of events, see

Kids can go out to play on computers this summer at Summer Bytes Image:TNMOC