Enlightening Girls On The Power & The Pitfalls of Our Digital Generation

The Like Me CIC is organising its Annual Girls Like Me Conference. This year it is focusing on Digital Generation: The Power & Pitfalls, on the 9 October 2021 for teenage girls aged 13-17.

It’s an inclusive community event for girls & their female guardians, taking place from 1pm – 5pm.

The Like Me CIC is a personal development, employability and wellbeing Community Interest Company which specialises in empowering and inspiring women and teen girls.

Jasmine Mbye, director of The Like Me CIC, said teenage girls are being lost to derailers such as peer pressure, bullying, social media addiction, sex/teen pregnancy, drugs & alcohol, body image issues & mental health issues. She said:

“You see I remember feeling hurt, alone & questioning my value. I want every girl to know that she’s not alone, she can feel good about herself and she’s valuable.”

The conference is inspired by the International Day of The Girl, which takes places on the 11 October every year.

Speakers include Sabrina Yvonne Durant, ceo & Interior Designer, who explores wellbeing within interiors. Gehad Mursi, entrepreneur, certified counsellor & life coach, who encourages girls to live their lives in the best ways by embracing their unique attributes & personalities.

Ayo Awotona, an author, renowned international speaker & educator who specialises in confidence building for girls & young women.

The Girls Like Me Conference is a hybrid event, occurring virtually & in-person to educate & entertain girls.

There are a range of engaging activities, one of them being a digital quiz. More speaker, workshops and venue details will be revealed soon. To learn more, visit The Like Me CIC.