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The Like Me CIC, a personal development, employability and wellbeing Community Interest Company, is holding a Girls Summer Camp from the 23 August – 26 August 2021 for girls aged 13-17.

The Community Interest Company (CIC) said that the past year has been incredibly tough for school children with school life being unstable.

Adding that for some girls, home might also be a place of volatility and school might have been a refuge as it was for Jasmine.

Jasmine Mbye is a speaker, trainer, coach and director of The Like Me CIC and like many of us, she has faced hardships in her life.

She recalls not feeling safe at home during her teenage years but thriving at school. While life at home caused her to shrink, she felt able to show up as her true self at school, hiding the physical bruises and emotional scars.

Jasmine recognises that this may not be possible for teen girls today. Due to COVID being a disruptor, they might not have the environment where they can feel safe, seen & supported.

Therefore, The Like Me CIC is offering virtual as well as in-person workshops to help them recover, reconnect and rise going forward into the next academic year.

We may fall down but we’ll rise again with stories for our scars.“- Jasmine Mbye.

From Monday-Thursday there’ll be virtual zoom sessions in the morning led by Jasmine. These will focus on personal development, building confidence, resilience, motivation and becoming the best versions of ourselves.

As these are virtual sessions they can be accessed from home.

The best development is personal development as it overflows into every area of your life.”- Jasmine Mbye

The in-person workshops will be held in the afternoon at Marsh Farm Futures House. Sophie Gresswell, a multidisciplinary artist will be conducting an art workshop focusing on identity, heritage & storytelling.

Dan Butler will be sharing effective self-defence techniques in his Self-Defence 1O1 Workshop. Boxing Saves Lives will be leading a workshop on how boxing can be used to prevent harm, crime & poor mental health.

There’ll also be decorating cakes and having a chat about who our role models are.

The Summer Camp is a community event for girls to find their inner strength, prepare for their future and learn life skills.

The aim is to empower girls so that they can walk with their head held high. The event is completely free, to find out more information or register, click here

The Like Me CIC said it would appreciate the support of the community & organisations, as these donations help to make more of a difference in the lives of our girls.

If you would like to donate to please visit the company’s GoFundMe Campaign

More information about about The Like Me CIC can be found here