GCSE Day 2018 at Wootton Upper School

Wootton Upper School students are today (23 August 2018) celebrating their GCSE results, with many students achieving outstanding individual grades.

Simon Frazer, Vice Principal, said:

“We are extremely proud of our students. These results are just reward for the exceptional preparation they put in ahead of their exams.

“These results also reflect the hard work and determination of all staff at Wootton Upper School.”

One student received 10 grade 9s

This is the second summer that grade 9 has been awarded in reformed GCSE English language, English literature and mathematics.

Twenty more subjects have been included this year. This means that about 90% of exam entries were for reformed GCSE. All GCSEs will be graded 9 to 1 by 2020.

Grade 9 is not the same as A*. It is a new grade designed to recognise the very highest performing students. So there are fewer grade 9s that there were A*s.

One Wootton student achieved the exceptional standard of grade 9 in all 10 subjects.

Grade 8 straddles the top of the old A and the bottom of the old A* grades. This means that there isn’t a direct comparison with A*.

How the new GCSE grades 9 to 1 compare to the old A to U. Image Ofqual

School is confident that it will be above the national average

Wootton Upper School is confident that progress in English and Mathematics will be well-above the national average. Last year, 50% of the students were awarded grade 5 or above for English and Maths. The national average was 39.6%.

A Wootton Academy Trust representative said:

“The results of the 2018 examinations cap a very good year for Wootton Upper School and Kimberley College.

“These results come on top of very good 2017 Ofsted inspections at Wootton Upper School and Kimberley College.”

The vast majority of Wootton Upper School students are now moving to Kimberley College in Stewartby.