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Bedfordshire Police officer reunited with stem cell recipient

Beatrice, a mother of two, from Palm Springs, California, was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis at the age of 23. The condition is a rare type of blood cancer which leads to leukaemia.

She has been living with the condition for the majority of her adult life, managing the symptoms with medication and waiting for a donor match, as this is the only known treatment for this condition.

Over time her health began to deteriorate and she was in desperate need of a stem cell donation to save her life.

So in 2015, when she was about to enter into palliative care, her health care provider ran one last check on the donor register and she received the most welcome news.

There was a perfect genetic match on a donor list – a police officer, PC Harris, from the United Kingdom.

At the same time the news came through, Beatrice’s condition had deteriorated and she was very poorly. Thankfully, her health improved enough to get through the transplant procedure.

The transplant was successful and after the two year waiting period, Beatrice and Andrew got in touch through Skype.

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