Over 1250 items Donated to ‘Active Minds’ Image Bedford Borough Council

Scheme set up to help people stay busy and keep their minds active

Bedford Borough Council has said that it picked up 153 boxes of donations from people across Bedford Borough, containing over 1250 items, as the first full week of the Active Minds scheme came to a close.

Across the Borough, people are self-isolating, shielding and staying safe in their homes for what has already been a long period of time. The Active Minds scheme has been set up to help people stay busy and keep their minds active.

The Council is asking for any unwanted books, DVDs, jigsaw, board games, or craft items so they could be passed onto those in need in these extraordinary times. Mayor Dave Hodgson said:

“Thank you to everyone who has already donated for the amazing generosity shown. These are really difficult times we are all living through but time and again the community spirit of our Borough has shone through.

“I am really pleased that we can start dropping off these donations to help people keep their minds active and engaged while staying safe at home.”

The donations have been cleaned to ensure they are safe to pass on, and now the Council is now ready to start getting them out to people who need them.

Currently, the team is accepting:

  • Books (children’s and adults)
  • DVDs (children’s and adults)
  • Jigsaws (children’s and adults)
  • Board Games
  • Small home craft items (e.g. colouring books, crochet sets)

If you or someone you know would enjoy receiving one of the active minds donations, please get in touch with the Council.

You can request a donation online at www.bedford.gov.uk/activeminds or if you are unable to you can call on 01234 718101. The team will then drop off the donation to your doorstep so you don’t have to leave the house.

Unfortunately the team cannot accept large items – if it doesn’t fit in a carrier bag then it is too big.