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Health, Wellness and Fitness company, Celebrate Health & Fitness, is offering Bedfordshire businesses access to free, no-obligation Health Checks, Fun To Get Fit classes and Mental Health Lunch and Learn sessions.

Reports on the impact of the pandemic on employee wellbeing have highlighted the growing cost of poor physical and mental health on businesses.

A study by Westfield Health found that there has been a 10% rise in employee absences due to mental health issues in the past year, compared to 2019, which has cost UK businesses more than £14billion.

Celebrate Health & Fitness founder and managing director, Peter Moorhead, said:

“The pandemic has taken its toll on employees’ mental and physical wellbeing and it’s time for businesses, both big and small, to step up and start prioritising staff wellbeing or they will pay the price.

“Evidence shows that companies who increase their investment in workplace wellness programmes benefit from tangible improvements in employee engagement and productivity, and loyalty, gaining them competitive advantage and a significant increase to their bottom line.”

The services provided by Celebrate Health & Fitness are carried out by a team of qualified personal trainers, health screening technicians, mental health coaches and sports massage therapists, and give employers and their employees an understanding of the company’s methods and the benefits they deliver.

The free sessions on offer will take place virtually until lockdown restrictions lift and comprise one or more of the following:

  • Free health checks for up to three people
  • A free 45-minute Fun to Get Fit session for up to 12 people
  • A free mental health Lunch & Learn session for up to 12 people

Visit  Celebratehf to register your interest.