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Cranfield University helps create new low-cost, simple ventilators for COVID-19 patients

A simple Bag Valve Mask (BVM) ventilator to help critically-ill COVID-19 patients has been designed at Cranfield University.

The makeshift ventilator can serve two patients simultaneously. The University says that due to the flat-pack design it can be quickly manufactured at scale. Adding that the cost is less than £75 ($100) per unit.

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Boeing joins Cranfield University’s digital aviation research project

Boeing has joined the £65 million Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC), due to become operational this summer at Cranfield University.

The Centre was built to research digital aviation technology. It includes an experimental airport terminal and a ‘hangar of the future’, fully instrumented for advanced digital maintenance repair and operations.

Boeing and Cranfield have been working together for over 25 years on a range of research and technology projects. Such as the development of new aircraft concepts and studies into passenger behaviour, cabin refurbishment and management processes.

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Cranfield University: The danger of consumers substituting product

A consumer “substitution” could create serious consequences for other supply chains that are critical to society and life, warns supply chain academic Professor Richard Wilding OBE.

During the panic buying of toilet paper and other tissue products. consumers may not be considering the consequences of using alternative products for the tasks they were not designed for.

Thames Water is already warning its customers not to use kitchen towel as a substitute for toilet paper.

If Kitchen towels, baby wipes or industrial papers are used as a replacement for toilet paper, sewage systems could become blocked. Which could result in chaos and increased health risks associated. Water companies may not have the infrastructure and equipment to unblock the sewer system.

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Best of the best wanted – Cranfield University launches global academic talent search

Cranfield University has launched a global academic talent search. It aims to recruit some of the world’s best up-and-coming research staff to its newly launched 75th Anniversary Research Fellowship scheme.

The scheme is looking to provide a platform for some of the world’s most gifted researchers to make breakthroughs in their fields and provide a springboard for their future academic career.

It will give talented early career researchers an opportunity to conduct innovative research, without the pressures to seek industry funding or teaching commitments.

The scheme will start in September 2020, to mark the University’s upcoming 75th anniversary.

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Cranfield University hosts the second Unilever Innovation Accelerator

Cranfield University recently hosted the second Unilever Innovation Accelerator. This is an opportunity for its students to develop solutions to business challenges and to contribute to the development of the next generation of ice cream and tea products.

The winning team, Zinda Tea (Muriel Isabelle Hagenaars, Celia Hazi, Shreyas Khanore and Tsepiso Mlambisa) was rewarded with the first prize of £5,000.

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COVID-19: track coronavirus cases

Public Health England has released a dashboard showing reported cases of coronavirus in the UK, including new cases, cases by upper tier local authority in England and number of deaths.

The service shows case numbers as reported to Public Health England, matched to Administrative Geography Codes from the Office of National Statistics. Cases include people who have recovered.

Events are time-stamped on the date that PHE was informed of the new case or death.

Circles on the map will grow or shrink in line with the number of cases in that geographic area.

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Cranfield University raises funds for new accommodation and enhanced student experience

Cranfield University, a postgraduate university in technology and management, has raised £150 million to fund additional on-site student accommodation and to enhance the student and staff experience.

The money, which is repayable at different points over the next 30 years. It was raised through a private placement arranged by HSBC, with three North American insurance companies providing the finance.

A number of other leading universities have raised money in the private placement market in recent years.

The funds will be used to create 865 new student rooms on the Cranfield campus. The first phase will be available from September 2021.

The funds will also be used to construct the Beacon. This is a new circa 4,000 square metre building at the heart of the campus.

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Cranfield University: £7.5million hydrogen production plant pilot

Cranfield University is leading an international collaboration to examine the potential for low-carbon hydrogen to be the clean fuel of the future.

The HyPER project (Bulk Hydrogen Production by Sorbent Enhanced Steam Reforming) will construct a state-of-the-art 1.5 MWth pilot plant at Cranfield University to test an innovative hydrogen production technology that substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) Energy Innovation Programme has provided £7.5million funding.

The project also involves US-based research and development organisation GTI and Doosan Babcock, a specialist in delivery of low-carbon technologies. The project centres on a novel hydrogen production technology invented by GTI.

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