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Cranfield’s Business Programme supports thousands of businesses during COVID-19

Cranfield School of Management’s Business Growth Response Programme has now supported its 2,000th participant since it began just after lockdown started at the end of March.

The programme supports small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in helping them recover from the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the UK economy. SME’s account for 24% of UK private sector businesses, for 43% of UK employment and 45% of GDP.

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Aerospace fuel expert celebrates his 100th birthday with lecture to Cranfield students

Dr Eric Goodger has been a Cranfield University lecturer for many years following his career as a Cranfield academic. To celebrate his 100th birthday this week he will be presenting a lecture on his favourite topic, fuels and combustion.

As COVID-19 is preventing him from appearing in person, Eric will deliver his first live lecture using TEAMS on 9 July 2020. Cranfield University said that Eric may well be the oldest person to conduct a lecture using the technology.

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Cranfield students part of all-female crew at the Mars Research Station

Two Cranfield University students will be part of an all-female crew at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah next year, aiming to fill the data gap on women’s performance in space exploration.

Six engineers, geologists and scientists, all under 28-years-old, will be going to the Mars simulation centre for a two-week mission in February 2021.

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Cranfield University’s “game-changing” forensic science centre of excellence

Cranfield University said that when completed the facilities at Cranfield Forensic Institute will be among the best in the world in their specialist fields of crime scene investigation, digital forensic investigation and non-destructive analysis.

The new facilities are considered vital in boosting the role science plays in the criminal justice system, enabling the transfer of the latest leading academic knowledge to criminal investigators and training the next generation of forensic scientists.

Students and staff will have access to facilities such as a virtual reality autopsy table, digital forensics laboratory, crime scene investigation rooms and a simulated mass grave excavation site.

The first cohort of students to take advantage of some of the new technologies are expected to arrive at Cranfield in October 2020.

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Central Bedfordshire Council completes road repairs during lockdown traffic lull

Central Bedfordshire Council has been revamping roads across the area while traffic levels are low during the coronavirus lockdown.

It said that by taking advantage of the quieter roads it has fixed more than 600 repairs including potholes, streetlights and road signs as well as eight re-surfacing schemes.

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Cranfield University’s 3D printing labs create PPE mask connectors for local hospital

Cranfield University’s Centre for Competitive Creative Design printing facilities (C4D/3DPrint) have been supporting local hospital communities to make hundreds of adjustable connectors for face masks.

They will be used by NHS staff and key workers at Milton Keynes University Hospital to protect their skin from damage and sores.

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