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Vehicle speed figures from Cranfield traffic survey released

Central Bedfordshire Council audited two of the Cranfield’s vehicle activated signs

Between 14 November and 20 November 2018, Central Bedfordshire Council audited two of the vehicle activated signs in Cranfield. Until these surveys CBC hadn’t measured the traffic speed along these roads since 2011.

The automatic recordings found that ten vehicles passed the sign (in either direction) on Bedford Road at speeds of 60mph or over.

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Cranfield University – climate change and its impact on oats

3 January 2019

Climate change and its impact on oats

Cranfield University’s Professor Naresh Magan will be presenting on his current research into the contamination of oats at Oxford Farming Conference this week.

The eating of oats and oat-based products has increased significantly in the UK and Ireland in recent years because of their beneficial health benefits. Oats can become infected, during the critical ripening phase, with a pathogen called Fusarium langsethiae, a fungus that contaminates the grains with toxic mycotoxins, although there are no visible symptoms. This makes making them unsuitable for human or animal feed consumption.

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University’s Arctic research will explore effect of shipping on atmosphere

Cranfield University scientists have been awarded funding to assess the impact of emissions from shipping and cruises in the Arctic region.

The team will be formed by Cranfield University, University of Birmingham, University of Exeter and the British Antarctic Survey. The project will assess the impact of shipping emissions in the Arctic and North Atlantic on atmospheric conditions.

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University nano membrane research gives people something to go on

Cranfield University’s Nano Membrane Toilet has been named as one of the UK’s 100 best breakthroughs for its significant impact on people’s everyday lives.

The Nano Membrane Toilet is being developed in response to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s ‘Reinvent the Toilet Challenge’. The sustainable toilet can be used without the need for connection to water, power or sewage supplies.

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Police release Cranfield traffic survey results

Acting on residents’ concerns about vehicle speeds in Cranfield, Bedfordshire Police carried out two traffic surveys in the village.

One survey found that 7.8% of traffic passing along the High Street near to Red Lion Close was travelling at the minimum enforceable speed or above.

A spokesperson for Bedfordshire Police Traffic Management explained that the minimum enforceable speed is 10% + 2mph. This means that nearly eight percent of the traffic in this part of Cranfield was travelling at 35mph or above.

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Cranfield staff buzzing about annual Honey Harvest

Cranfield staff buzzing about annual Honey Harvest

The resident bees at Cranfield University have once again been busy making honey over the summer months, resulting in the annual harvest of its hives.

The University’s four hives, containing an estimated 240,000 bees, are positioned within a woodland area of the picturesque campus and are managed by groundskeepers, Nurture. Cranfield staff and students were invited to attend the Honey Harvesting Experience, during which they learnt about the ‘capping’, ‘spinning’ and ‘pouring’ of the honey. Altogether, over 100 jars of artisan honey were produced across the season.

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Barclays and Cranfield University help entrepreneurs take flight with new aviation technology hub

Barclays will launch an ‘AvTech’ Eagle Lab at Cranfield University, a co-working space for ambitious entrepreneurs to scale and grow, drawing on the University’s aerospace heritage stretching over 70 years.

The Lab, located at the heart of the University campus, will feature facilities to support rapid prototyping, product development and specialised AvTech equipment.

The announcement marks the first step in the University’s broader initiative to support start-ups and SMEs in the aviation industry, and follows from the Barclays launch earlier this year of a new £370m investment fund for small businesses in the Midlands.

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