Chief Superintendent John Murphy  Image:Bedfordshire Police

Chief Superintendent John Murphy has been confirmed as the permanent head of Local Policing for Bedfordshire. He took on the role in January 2020, whilst also leading the force response to coronavirus.

His vision is focused on delivering traditional community policing, whilst empowering and enabling officers and staff to tackle the modern complex challenges that harm our communities. Including organised crime, violence and the exploitation of vulnerable people. Chief Superintendent John Murphy said:

“This year has been really challenging for policing, but I’m proud to say that our Community Policing teams are now resourced to full capacity for the first time since our commitment was given to introduce community policing hubs.

“Now, more than ever, community policing plays a vital part in our society and it’s important that we prioritise being visible so that our communities feel safe and secure. That’s why having more boots on the ground and a greater community policing presence in tackling local issues is crucial for us.

“As well as continuing to address locally identified priorities, we will be fulfilling an important role in tackling serious organised crime, crime networks, exploitation and other complex challenges that our county faces. Our Local Policing teams will continue to work closely with a wide range of specialist departments to ensure that we solve difficult problems and reduce demand.

“A huge part of the visibility that we provide is also delivered by our response policing teams. As we deal with an increasing number of incidents, more complex issues and an new pressures – including Covid-19 demands – our response officers remain focused on protecting those in emergency situations, where crime is in progress, or life and safety is at risk.

“In the coming months I will be looking to modernise our approach to public contact so that we are able to handle increasing demands, including online contact in the most effective and efficient way. Our force contact centre plays a vital role in command and control of incidents and this unique function will be developed to ensure that Bedfordshire Police professionally meets the needs of victims, witnesses or those in need from the outset.

“As we move towards the end of what has been one of the most demanding and unprecedented years in policing, we are in a fantastic position to deliver our force plans to the highest standard, tackling local issues, preventing and investigating crime and protecting our communities from harm. I have spent my entire career in Bedfordshire Police and am absolutely committed to fully supporting my teams and ensuring we deliver the best possible service.”

Working with other departments in the force, the community team has supported a number of operations including Op Wasdale in Potton, which saw the arrest of five people and a number of items seized.

Whilst also building their own warrants, patrolling hot spot areas, providing reassurance patrols, remanding outstanding offenders and supporting community priorities such as burglary through operational work.

If you are experiencing any issues or have any concerns in your area, please contact Bedfordshire Police through its online reporting tool or call 101.

If you would like to help shape policing in your area please complete the Bedfordshire Police have your say survey.