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Police have released images of four dogs which were recovered during a warrant last month and have yet to be reunited with their owners.

Bedfordshire Police carried out the operation in Hertfordshire as part of their investigation into a number of dogs being stolen from a kennels in Wilden in September.

Twelve dogs were recovered as a result of the warrant. Dave Brecknock, the investigation officer investigating the kennel thefts, said:

“We know the massive emotional impact that these dogs being stolen has had on their owners.

“Our hearts go out to them and we want to reassure people that we have put a substantial amount of time, effort and care into finding the people responsible, and our investigation is very much ongoing.

“We have managed to reunite the majority of the dogs we recovered with their owners, but we’ve had no luck with these last four so we are appealing to anyone who can help us find the rightful owners to come forward.

“If you believe one of the dogs is yours, then we would ask for proof of this, with a minimum being a photo of you with the dog.”

Three people arrested in connection to the dog thefts as a result of the warrant in Hertfordshire were re-bailed by police earlier this month.

Anyone with information about the dogs or who believes they are the rightful owner and has proof of this, can call the police on 101, quoting reference number 40/49974/20.

Bedfordshire Police is working with other forces across the eastern region, UK Pet Detectives, DogLost and Pets4Homes to tackle this type of criminality.

Recently a dog was reunited with its owner after it was suspected to have been stolen from the Manchester area.

This was a result of working with DogLost charity, which assists in the search for missing dogs and has kindly donated two microchip scanners to the force’s rural team. These can now be used to identify stray or recovered dogs, or other animals, and items, like saddles, that have a microchip.

If your dog has been stolen – report it to Bedfordshire Police by visiting its online reporting centre or by calling 101. You can also contact your local authority dog warden. 

Notify your microchip database provider immediately and advise either via their website or Facebook page who can offer help, support and advice.

Bedfordshire Police will support anyone wishing to set up a local DogWatch group – please email for more information.