Advice issued following series of number plate robberies  Image: iStock

Tamper proof screws available at monthly surgery events

Bedfordshire Police has issued advice to motorists following a number of reports that number plates have been stolen from vehicles.

Thefts have been reported this week in Biggleswade, Bromham, Harlington and Shefford.

Thieves steal number plates to use on other vehicles so they can’t be caught committing a crime. Such as making off without payment of fuel from filling stations, where registration plates are routinely filmed by CCTV.

Police are urging residents in the areas affected to be aware of the increase in this kind of activity. There are steps motorists can take to ensure number plates can’t be removed.

PCSO Jessica Hirst said:

“You can secure your number plates by removing the original screws and replacing them with ‘tamper proof’ screws, which are significantly harder to remove and would require a drill to do so. Many garages are able to fit anti-theft plates too.

“Our PCSOs across the north of the county are holding monthly surgery events where people will be able to get these tamper proof screws from us, as well as providing other crime prevention advice.

“We’re asking people to remain vigilant about this matter. If you see any suspicious activity around cars in your road, or your number plate is stolen, please let us know.”

If your number plate is stolen, please call police on 101 or visit