Dial-a-ride launch - Helen Nellis, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire; Tracy Cowan, Chief Executive of Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity and Councillor Ian Dalgarno of Central Bedfordshire Council. Image: Central Bedfordshire Council

Greensand Country bus service

Central Bedfordshire Council hosted (10 January 2019) an official launch of the Greensand Country ‘dial-a-ride’ community transport service. This provides minibuses to 50 different parishes in the mid and east of Central Bedfordshire.

The Greensand Country bus service started running in October 2018. Since the start of the contract, it has already provided 1,535 door-to-door journeys for residents.

The service provides a bookable and fully accessible door-to-door minibus service for elderly or disabled people who find it difficult to use traditional buses, trains or other forms of transport.

The service operates between 8:30am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.

Councillor Ian Dalgarno Image: Central Bedfordshire Council

Councillor Ian Dalgarno, Executive Member for Community Services, said:

“We know how important public transport is, especially in rural areas, where it is not always viable to run a regular bus service.

“This door-to-door service enables those who cannot use conventional public transport or get about themselves to go shopping, visit friends and attend doctor appointments.

“It’s one of those services people don’t often know about, and we are keen for many more people to use and benefit from this service.”

Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity

The minibuses are provided by Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC). BRCC is a local charity that offers a range of community transport services across Bedfordshire.

Speaking at the official launch, Tracy Cowan, Chief Executive of Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity, said:

“BRCC are very pleased and excited to welcome our new Greensand Country bus service which will help us to continue to connect our communities across Bedfordshire.

“It joins several other initiatives within BRCC providing excellent services to enhance and support our most needy and isolated residents.”

Greensand County Dial a ride Image: Central Bedfordshire Council

Dial-a-ride service requires membership

The ‘dial-a-ride’ service is available on a membership basis. This will normally cost £20 a year, but there is a special launch offer of £10 membership until 31 March.

Fares range from £2.25 for shorter journeys to £3.75 for longer journeys.

Information on how to use the service is available from BRCC on 01234 834933 or email communitytransport@bedsrcc.org.uk.