Listen Here - The Space Between Image supplied by MK Gallery

MK Gallery is excited to announce Listen Here Collective are back in the building on 11 December 2021 with a new audio-visual show. This will be a vinyl adventure for audiophiles, lounge listeners and those just needing a fantastic night out.

Following on from the success of their last event at the Gallery in August, where guests enjoyed a carefully curated journey through a record collection, vibrant visuals and a world class laser show, worthy of any headliner, this new event could soon be a sellout.

Gig goer 1 said:

“The music was fantastic; a gorgeous playlist and the quality of sound was such a treat compared to my little speakers. Then the laser show began, and the event jumped to another level. What a night.”

Gig goer 2 said:

“A spectacular audio-visual experience.”

Damian Gee, founder of Listen Here Collective, said:

“It was so good to see and feel the audience’s response to our first show in the Sky Room – it’s a great venue for the show. The event in December is a new audio-visual experience which explores the moments between light and dark, the inhale and exhale of breath, the moment before the release of tension.

“Debussy summed it up when he said, “Music is the space between the notes”. Let’s listen to what’s in the space.”

Listen Here Collective includes obsessive vinyl collectors, artists, DJs & selectors with a passion for jazz, disco, techno, electronica, funk, and soul.

They aim to give audiences a fully immersive audio and visual experience, with vinyl played through finely tuned audio equipment, allowing all the detail, depth, and warmth of the original recording to be heard – just as it was intended by artists and producers.

The careful curation of sound will expose elements of production not normally heard, which allows the listener to engage with music in a deeper way.

The Gallery’s café and bar will be open from 6pm for ticket holders, where they can order from a special menu and carefully selected wine list.

In surround-sound style, guests will be able to enjoy the audio- visual experience in the café or by going upstairs to the Sky Room with its iconic grand circular window overlooking Campbell Park.

The main event will start at 8pm and the Gallery will close at midnight.

Booking for this event is essential. For tickets go to Listen Here the Space Between