PC gives a seriously ill little girl to chance to try out a police car Image: Bedfordshire Police

A seriously ill five-year-old girl had a treat yesterday (Friday 1 March 2019) when she was visited by a police officer and had the chance to sit in a police car and test the sirens.

Lulu De Vries, who lives in Great Denham, near Bedford, has neuroblastoma and her family are currently raising money for life-saving treatment.

She loves the police and has always wanted to go in a police car, so when, PC Kerry Jones, who works for the north rural community team, heard of her plight, she was only too happy to get involved.

PC Jones, who polices Great Denham and the surrounding areas, visited Lulu and chatted to her about what it is like being a police officer, before letting her try out the police car and sirens. Lulu even got to try on a police vest and hat.

PC Jones said:

“As a community police officer for the area, I’d of course heard about Lulu’s fundraising efforts, and when I heard that she loved the police, I was only too happy to pay her and her family a visit.

“We all join the police to help people, and to me there was no better way to help this amazing little girl by giving her the chance to experience something none of classmates have.

“Her family face a real challenge in raising the £162,000 they need, so I’ll also be helping them by doing my own fundraiser and shaving off my hair if I can get enough sponsorship!”

Find out more about Lulu’s fundraising at the family’s Just Giving page