PCC calls for more protection for frontline officers after C5 documentary Image By Brian Jackson AdobeStock_75638936

Channel 5’s “Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack”

Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Kathryn Holloway, is backing the Force’s front-line police officers following the broadcast of Channel 5’s “Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack”. The programme featured an incident involving two Bedfordshire officers.

The programme showed the officers being assaulted while on duty in Silver Street, Bedford, in January, as they dealt with a drunk and abusive man in possession of a knife. He had been ejected from a pub, late on a Saturday night.

The man who assaulted them pleaded guilty at court to two counts of assault on a police officer and was fined £120.

The officers received victim surcharge payments of £50 and £75 respectively, designed to be paid by those responsible for a crime.

Commissioner Holloway said:

“The programme showed the stark reality of what our police officers are facing on the streets of Bedfordshire every single day and it’s wholly unacceptable.

“In my view, an attack on a police officer is not the same as an assault on any other member of the public, because the police are standing on the front-line between those who keep the law and those who want to undermine it.

“That’s why an attack on an officer should be met with the toughest penalty possible.”